Green building Madonna di Campiglio hotels to be discovered

The charm of nature and architecture in synergy

The Sporthotel Romantic Plaza, the eco-sustainable Madonna di Campiglio hotel (link Madonna di Campiglio), has been restored following the principles of green building in order to limit environmental and human impact as much as possible. The furnishings are made of larch and fir wood that is not chemically treated, but processed through a natural method of brushing and evaporation, and sometimes finished with scented beeswax. The stone, uneven to the touch because it is unpainted, and deliberately left rough and natural, alternates with the water based solvent-free paint, rich fabrics and anti-allergenic carpet. The perfect external insulation and under floor heating of our eco sustainable Madonna di Campiglio hotel provides improved efficiency and greater energy savings, while the sensitivity to renewable energy from the owners led to the construction of a photovoltaic system to generate clean energy. You too, dear guests, can help us with many small gestures, such as saving water and electricity, reusing towels and leaving your car safely parked during the whole period of your stay. Each individual gesture, whether on holiday in our eco sustainable Madonna di Campiglio hotel or at home, can help to preserve or destroy the natural wonders that surround us. The future generations are counting on us.