Our commitment to your serenity.

The worst seems to be behind us and all together we can look at the future with renewed optimism. It has been a very hard time, and after the lock-down we are all longing for a holiday, impatient to immerse ourselves in nature, to walk towards infinity. Whether you are looking for open and unspoilt spaces or cool forests and green meadows, for peaks to conquer or simply clear alpine lakes where you can relax.. here you have found the right place. The Brenta Dolomites and Madonna di Campiglio await you, as magnificent as ever. And while you will rest your body and mind, we will ensure you a worry-free stay. For weeks we have been working for this: here you can find a list of what we have prepared, and that we are ready to modify if needed.

Conformity to the national and Autonomous Province of Trento health protocols

Sanitization and disinfection procedures according to the directives of the National Institute of Health (ISS)

Real-time update on our website

Flexible cancellation policy for causes related to Covid-19

Organisation of common areas with interpersonal spaces of at least 1 m and use of PPE (hand sanitizers, protection barriers, visors, masks and disposable plastic gloves).

Online check-in and check-out with disinfection of electronic payment devices

Guaranteed distance at the restaurant; when necessary, reservation is required for breakfast and dinner. Buffet served as usual, but with the use of the above PPE according to legislation guidelines.

Reservation required to access our SPA, hydropool and gym.

Ad hoc training of the SHRP Team.

Daily temperature measurement of all our family members and employees.

Finally, we remind you that ... our hotel is a small one of 39 rooms, whose services are reserved exclusively for internal guests and where attention to detail, hygiene and above all to the person have always been fundamental values.

The love we put in the work of hoteliers is sincere and deep also because oure our Home.