Hotel with massage in Madonna di Campiglio

You will not find big brands among the products that we use in our hotel for massages in Madonna di Campiglio. We chose a natural line, made with healthy ingredients and herbs. It's called Vitalis Dr. Joseph, and it comes from South Tyrol.

Here's a taste of our massage rituals.

Relaxing Harmony

 personal rediscovery with essences that are created from a mix of the East and the Alps. 

Sport Energy

restore physical well-being after a pleasant day out skiing or an invigorating walk. Oxygenates the muscles and offers lightness to the legs. 

Inner Balance

a massage that creates both physical and mental calm thanks to the synergy of the oils utilised that offer a wonderful feeling of health and total relaxation. 



a customizable massage with sesame oil, which gives serenity and harmony to body and mind. 


a relaxer for legs and back, with particular attention to neck pain. 

Hot stones

basalt pebbles, placed on the chakras or energy centres of the body, heat up and soften muscles deeply, relieving pain and restoring natural balance 

From California to the Alps

ideal for overcoming anxieties and fears and remedy the ills of stress through, fluid and enveloping rhythmic movements. Offers mental benefits and evens out the temperature of the body promoting the circulation of vital energy. 

And then there are the synergies of our treatments with essential oils to regenerate the skin of your body through massage in your hotel in Madonna di Campiglio.

  • Arnica & St. John's Wort, with regenerating properties and also for alleviating stiffness and contractures.
  • Hay & Juniper, with invigorating and relaxing benefits, a mixture of the nature that surrounds us.
  • Hay peeling, wraps in alpine yogurt or mud.
  • And to nourish your face with gentle caresses, dew massages with apple extract and organic bio-cleansing