Hotel with delicious typical Trentino cuisine

Savour traditional specialties

Dedicated to tradition ... strangolapreti! A recipe that has been handed down is a little treasure that we want to share. Here we will reveal, one by one, the great little secrets of Plaza, a hotel with typical Trentino cooking in Madonna di Campiglio.



Their name "strangolapreti" comes from a popular imaginary idea, for which the consistency of this dish could create problems for the throats of the priests, as it was more difficult to swallow than those made with potatoes.

They are in fact balls of bread, spinach, eggs and cheese, although there are other versions with herbs, black cabbage, or beets, depending on the period of the year.

Ingredients for 5 people

1 kg of stale bread, 500g of spinach or other vegetables, 2 eggs, 100 g of butter, 0.5 L of milk, olive oil, nutmeg, sage leaves, salt, pepper, onion and 200 g of seasoned cheese.



Soak the diced bread in the milk (for about 3 hours); in the meantime wash the spinach leaves and blend them; brown in a pan with oil, salt and nutmeg.

Assemble it with chopped onion, cheese and eggs and add all to the bread. Mix it with a wooden spoon and then create balls (size that you prefer). Now you can put balls into a pot with boiling salted water; once they are on surface, drain and place them in a dish, enriching with cheese, melted butter and a sage leaf, to give a final touch.

Strangolapreti are excellent also accompanied by smoked ham.

Discover the culinary secrets of our hotel with typical Trentino cuisine and enjoy pleasant moments of taste… …and why not… try to prepare it!